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The Bolster Boys

The wonders of social networking!

A man named George with the surname of Bolster from a small town named Mallow, just outside of Cork, has been told that there’s a video of him on You Tube. So he googles youtube bolster, and what does he find, not himself but a great big giant, in a place far away called St Agnes in Cornwall. Now he loves this and goes to his cousin Patrick’s bar, called Dayley’s, arguably the best watering hole in the area, and meets up with his brothers, Ivan, Graham and Billy, and his Dad William. He tells them all about this Bolster thing that goes on in Cornwall, and after a few pints of the Black Nectar they all decide that they have to discover more.

So they get in touch with Richard at the St Agnes Tourist Information Centre, who dutifully sends them out a calendar of events, and the next thing they’re all speeding off to Cornwall.

Now the story goes that they’re all virgins that are in search of their own special Agnes, but that’s their story, and I personally am not having any of it. They’re actually a wonderful family of guys that have come in search of some fun and have found the right place. They won’t be watching the pageant itself because it clashes with their beloved Munster playing Biarritz in the semi final of the heineken Cup, so they’ll be in the Railway stuck to the TV.

They asked if we’d ever come across any other Bolsters, and as a personal friend of the Giant I replied that I hadn’t. However if there are more of them out there they should get in touch. Who knows we could have a  convention.

If you see these lovely guys around be sure to say hello.

And I did see them around and they were making a hit with the women, and some of them in particular obviously like the Irish men, so watch this space.


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8.15pm SATURDAY 


The Lantern Procession leaves Churchtown Square and leads to the Beacon where there is a Bonfire and Barbecue

Clay houses ready for the bonfire

Clay houses are fired in the Bonfire and then used the following day to symbolise the village of St Agnes during The Pageant.

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Euchre Layle Band






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The Pageant



The Pageant

The Bolster Pageant is held on the stunning cliffside at Chapel Porth beach, just outside of St Agnes. It starts at 4.30 in the afternoon, but please bear in mind that it may take some time to walk there as limited parking is available. The car park at the top of the hill will be open for parking, or alternative sites are available on the road towards the beacon.

The pageant is about 45 minutes long and features life sized puppet characters such as the Mayor, Sir Constantine and Mrs Bolster. The Bolster drum band, musicians and dancers will be performing in the National trust carpark at the beach afterwards, and refreshments are available from Robin’s cafe.

The Dirge March

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Street Theatre

Sunday 12.30pm

April 14, 2010 by bolsterfestival | Edit

outside the Peterville Inn

Starting at 12.30 pm on Sunday  at The Railway Inn, life size puppets parade the streets of St Agnes to rally support for their cause in defeating the Giant Bolster. Joined by the drum band, dancers and musicians, the performance can be watched outside the village pubs. Approximate times are; St Agnes Hotel 12.45, Peterville Inn 1.00 pm, Driftwood Spars 1.30pm.

Village Street Theatre

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Robbie Bunt
Robbie Bunt




AKA Atomic Hoss. Robbie has been working as a pro Musician for 27 years. He is based in St Agnes and is currently writing and recording new album. The best advice he got was from Chet Baker ”find somethin you like doin’ and get good at it!” I’m still trying! ………..Sometimes it’s hard to balance commercial work with being creative but that’s my goal……….. Being able to work in a place like Cornwall where I was born is a blessing with all its geographical vibes and beautiful people. Being able to do my craft here is like living a dream! Been all over the place but always come back to this crazy place I call home, If you want some crazy ass guitar shit or some vibes give me a shout ….Robbie x


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Black friday
Black Friday



Black Friday were formed four years ago by singer/songwriter/ guitarist Tom O’Reilly, mandolin player Martin Jump and bassist Helen Manley. The band fuses Irish and Celtic tunes with high energy country punk rock, mixing in their own original songs. Taking influences from the Pogues, Flogging Molly, Johnny Cash and the Clash, the band have been wowing audiences with energetic performances around the country from The Electric Picnic Festival in Dublin, The Bohemian Festival, The Maker Festival, The Volks Festival, The Celtic Beer Rally to headlining the Wimbourne Folk Festival for two consecitive years, to recording at the legendary Maida Vale studios for the BBC Radio 2’s Marc Lamarr show. In 2008 the band broke the Guinness Book Of Records for playing the most gigs in one day, at 30 venues around Plymouth. Black Friday have drums, bass, electric guitar, fiddle, mandolin, tin whistle, and rugged soulful vocals, and are the very band with which to dance the night away!


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