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Outddor specialists Lowe Alpine kindly supplied us with this excellent backpack which we converted to a spanking new harness for the Giant Bolster
Getting the fortunate individual into place to carry the burden of the big fellah has always beeen a problem. Many a man has cried under the weight and strain of the effort, so we decided that it was about time to make the job more bearable, by fitting a comfortable harness. The old one was just about worn out, but finding a suitable, improved version was a difficult time to say the least.
Bolster crew member Piers Owen came up with the solution, in the form of a mountaineering backpack, after he had spent a week trucking around the heights of Mont Blanc with the world on his back. A good idea we thought, but how to afford such a luxury item was another matter.
Give them a call we thought and see if they might have an old frame lying around that we might be able to use. And they did; but not just any old frame. They let us have the latest model free of charge, which we then savagely butchered, and fitted into Bolster’s frame.
The theory is that just about any of the Bolster crew could carry him now. We’ll wait and see.

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Bolster rebuilt

The framework is looking ready to go. Roll on the clothes!!!

The Bolster crew, under the guidance of the ever capable Cas Sandall, have been busy rebuilding the Giant’s framework over the last few months.

It has been almost 19 years since Bolster was first built and it seemed that every year some part or other was breaking, so the crew took it upon themselves to give the big man a makeover.

He’s now waiting for Jo Smith to finish his new set of clothes and he’ll be raring to go.

Not looking too good

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